Week 1: Game Show Mania!  (June 19 – June 23)

Come on down! You are the next contestant on Dunmore’s Kids Camp’s Game Show of the week. You will be asked to put your skills to the test while we run you through a week of Minute to Win It challenges, The ‘Friendly’ Feud, and The Price is Right. We want to see if you have what it takes to win the grand prize of the week! So if you’re interested in spending your summer on the best Game Show around, this is the place for you. We double dare you!


Week 2: Artistic Creations! (June 26 – June 30)

Explore your range of creativity, as creativity runs wild here all summer long! Art week is designed for kids to use their imaginations and creative thought process. Campers will have the opportunity to express themselves through the type of art they love the best. We’ll have jewelry making, painting, tie dying, and so much more. Be the first one to display your talents with techniques never seen before. Who knows, maybe we’ll have the very next Picasso just waiting to be discovered!

Week 3: Let’s Get Active! (July 3 – July 7)

Friends, fun, and sun! —- That’s what children look forward to during the summer months! Bring your sunscreen and get ready for a week filled of activities! Enjoy the great outdoors as we partake in summertime classic games like tug-of-war, kickball, hopscotch, lawn games, nature crafts, and picnic at Sherwood Park. Even more exciting, we will be taking a field trip to watch the Scranton Railriders play ball!


Week 4: Incredible Athletes (July 10 – July 14)

Don’t waste another summer playing video games and sitting around twiddling your thumbs! During Incredible Athletes week at Dunmore Kids, campers will be pushed to new heights as they conquer the physical challenge of friendly competition. From relay races to potato sack races, campers will learn about athletic all-stars along with traits of noble sportsmanship.


Week 5: STEAM! (July 17 – July 21)

Unleash your child’s imagination this summer! Welcome to the world of amazing experiments and cool activities that make you say WOW! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is critical for the future. The world needs critical thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. The world needs kids who understand science, who can adapt to the latest technology, and who can engineer new solutions to solve problems of all sizes. STEAM creates inventors, innovators, and leaders. White coats on – beakers in hand – here we go!


Week 6: The Chopping Block! (July 24 – July 28)

The chopping block will encourage campers to whip up new recipes while exploring the culinary world. Our kitchen chemists will experiment with mixing different ingredients to decorate extraordinary desserts! The chopping block will encourage discovery and creativity, allowing campers to explore foods in a fun way. This week students will push the limits on the snack concept and prepare a variety of wholesome, delicious, and unique nibbles. Campers will have the opportunity to plant their own vegetables! Best of all, a local baker will be joining our Dunmore Kids group to teach the class cookie decorating techniques!


Week 7: Hunger Games! (July 31 – August 4)

Just like the Hunger Games, Campers can participate in a variety of fun games and challenges. Can your team survive it?  The Dunmore Kids campers will create Team Flags, Obstacle Course, Scavenger Hunts, Tug of War, Bowling, Tribal team competitions and Immunity Challenges! Do you have what it takes to make it through the week a winner?! May the odds be forever in your favor!

Week 8: Gizmos and Gadgets! (August 7 – August 11))

“Childhood curiosity and experimentation can spark dreams, opening a world of invention as a product of imagination!” This week we will divide into groups for team collaboration.  The Dunmore Kids Campers will be challenged to invent, develop and construct items using random Gizmos and Gadgets and find inventive solutions! We will sketch ideas with chalk outside, hypothesize and discover solutions, and create actual inventions Children will make their dreams and visualizations come true with persistence!


Week 9: Wizards and Warriors! (August 14 – August 18)

Inspired by the “Harry Potter” book series, get read to prep your potions and powers during this mystical inspired camp! Dunmore Kids campers will act out epic tales in their quest for treasure using their magical powers, strength, and determination. In addition to battling evil, campers will learn more about famous fictional figures from history and spark imagination, making memorable moments. Come join us on this magically scientific adventure!


Week 10: Water, Water, Everywhere! (August 21 – August 25)

After a, hopefully, hot summer, it’s time to cool off! Water week has everything you need for fun in the sun. Get ready for water games, ice experiments, boat races and sprinklers at Sherwood Park! We’ll join our Abington Kids campers at Sherwood Park for some fun in the sun!


Week 11: Superhero Training (August 28 – September 1)

During our Superhero Training week at Dunmore Kids, we will lead students through different missions and an exploration of what it means to be “Super.”  We will start each day with team-building skills and then grows to include more individualized skills that mimic the powers of famous superheroes. The students will receive a checklist of superhero tasks that they needed to complete. Superheroes can inspire us to be greater; to be the do-gooders in the world! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Dunmore Kids Superheroes!!!