We Say “Camp.” Your Child Says “Fun!”

Are your kids ready for an amazing summer adventure? We’re here to provide all the fun that summer has to offer, with additional learning experiences to help them grow. If you’re looking for ways to introduce your child to new and fun experiences, you’ve got to check out the Abington Kids Creative Learning Center Summer Fun Camp! Whether your child is interested in arts, science, or sports, our themes are designed to be fun and interactive. Kids just love them!

What makes ACKL summer camp different from every other summer camp? Our themes! They go beyond fun and exciting. Each week has a different theme and these themes are based upon leadership qualities. The activities of the week are designed to teach, encourage, and develop those traits in the children. From listening skills to problem solving, and courage to communication, this will be the most beneficial and fun camp you’ll ever find. All activities that week will center around the theme and help you turn your child into a strong and successful leader!

We have several different enrollment options. Please speak with the Center Director to discuss further. The full day tuition rate is $38/day and a half day (under 5 hours of care) is $30/day. Join us for a fun-filled adventure! We look forward to seeing your campers this summer!


Abington Kids Creative Learning Center

Summer Camp Policies & Procedures


Location– Abington Kids Creative Learning Center is located at 102 N. Abington Road, Clarks Green.

Phone Number– 570-319-9214

Arrivals– Children must be signed in upon arrival and departure. The children must report directly to a camp staff member in the Abington Kids room.

Attire– Attire should be comfortable and appropriate to activities and weather. All clothing, hats, towels, bags, etc. must be clearly labeled. We ask that the children wear their Abington Kids tie dye t-shirts on field trip days.

Meals– Two snacks (am and pm) and drinks are provided during the day. Please pack a bagged lunch for your child daily. We will keep all parents posted on any allergies in the classroom.

Tuition– Please refer to your child’s packet for information on tuition. Tuition is due no later than the first morning your child attends each week. In order to prevent overcrowding, space is reserved on a first come first serve basis. Please register your child with the Center Director ahead of time for scheduling purposes.

Field Trips The cost of field trips will vary; however they will not exceed $15. Field trips are optional. Some camp staff will remain at the Center.

Absences– Please call before 9:00am if your child will be absent, so we could plan our staff accordingly and not hold up the bus during field trip days. All absences must be paid for.

Spending Money– Spending money is at the parent’s discretion. Your child is responsible for keeping track of their own money.

Sunscreen– Please sign in and label your child’s sunscreen. Be assured that it will be reapplied throughout the day as specified.

Abington Kids Creative Learning Center will also provide parents with our Parent Handbook, which includes further center policies and procedures to be followed. Please review the handbook and let the Center Director know if you have any questions and/or concerns.



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