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In our Kindergarten Enrichment Program, students get the opportunity to learn at their own pace and progress as far as he or she can! Because our class is limited to a small group, all children in the Kindergarten Enrichment program receive the individual attention they deserve.

The program is designed to provide young children with a curriculum that is rich with literacy, science, art, music, engineering and technology. We provide an environment with age appropriate opportunities for learning, growth, and discovery. The academic success of children in later years depends heavily on their kindergarten readiness.

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Write on!
Your child probably already recognizes their name, since they see it everywhere: on a coat tag, bedroom door, and cubby at school. When you teach children how to write, choose fun activities to give them practice. The teachers at Abington Kids do an incredible job to show children how exciting writing can be so they see it as a fun activity, not as a chore. Write On, Preschool!
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Sugar Cube Igloo! ❄️
One of my favorite winter activities is building a sugar cube igloo! Mr. James after-school class took on the challenge!
They started with some conversation about igloos and their purpose. Then did some research and found out that the igloo must be made with ice bricks that lean in a little. This was important to building their structures. The students were excited to get to work! You would be surprised how difficult this challenge could be!
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🎉 We are excited to begin the countdown towards our 2018 STEM projects! It’s no surprise that we are obsessed about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities for kids! Here’s a fun countdown of Stem projects that Abington Kids is looking forward to in 2018...
10. Exploding Pop Rockets
9. Flowers that Glow in the Dark
8. Lava in a Jar
7. Magic Dancing Raisins
6. Turn your Name into Crystals
5. Magnetic Slime
4. How Strong is Spaghetti
3. Build a Lemon Battery
2. Make Elephant Toothpaste
1. Fireworks in a Jar!

Happy New Year! See you in 2018!
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Abington Kids Creative Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Holiday Show 2017! ... See MoreSee Less

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Don’t let the snow get you down! Abington Kids Creative Learning Center is ready for a fun-filled day! ... See MoreSee Less

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